Product Features

Absence Management

As well as Monitoring attendance manager can also manage absence of person. Whether it’s unexpected due to illness , on Leave or not coming without’s should be easy to glance of absence or present.

Analytical Reports

Now your system has the capability to generate various types reports. Reports which give information on Attendance trends & absenteeism help to stem poor habits.

Clocking In/Out

The basic function of machine is clocking employees In/Out time of offices. Attendance can be Done by RFID Card ,fingerPrints & BLE .

Financial Saving

Paperwork clocking system not friendly with environment as well as heavy in cost. Attendance machine solve this problem in one time investment.

Flexible Scheduling

No Matter what timing of employe is day/night shift.

Online & Easy Access

Feel Free to check any of attendance reports online , anywhere & easy way.


This attendance machine help to manage attendance of the employe & Students and can help in tracking this In/Out time. Employe total working Hours monitoring.