School Bus Tracking

Track your child school bus with XSSecure. Keep eyes on every moments of bus Live location , Speed & to reach school or your home.

Bike, Car & Taxi

Monitor your personal, employe & family members vehicles & notify every time when Overspeed or goes out of realm.

Child Watch

We care about families . Child watch is play important role in this scenario. Child watch allow live tracking and emergency call to parent from their child with direct sos button.


Logistics most basic use of a GPS device is, of course, tracking vehicle locations—an extremely useful device to companies that use a fleet of vehicles in their line of business. Others Use are checkin/out vehicles & many more features like employe , pets & personal equipment tracking.


XSSecure GPS Device provide huge list of features to tracking & monitoring of vehicle’s and provide today’s basic report like route playback , total traveling, stoppage, AC, Ignition, over speeding and vehicle’s basic details like vehicle number, driver number, name, drive time etc. with in seconds.