Track Your Vehicle Anywhere & Anytime.

XSSecure for Individual

CCTV Home Security

Home security cameras mean that threats to your home or your loved ones are always in view.

Car Tracker

Car Tracker Monitoring the location of car or any moving vehicle using the GPS system.

Home Security System

home security systems work on securing entry points, like doors and windows, as well as interior space containing valuables

Asset Tracker

Asset tracking software is used by network to have a quantitative record and physical monitoring over all IT assets.

XSSecure XTS Personal Tracker

The XSSecure XTS Personal Tracker is a product feature that allows persons to be tracked by a system that can make available the person's position.

XSSecure for Government

Find suspect

To find suspects one can attaching a GPS device to a suspect's vehicle in order to monitor its movements.

Improve Public Services

Government vehicles with a GPS fleet management system allows public services for the safety and security of public.

Improve Vehicle & Passenger Security

As our system provides 24 * 7 live vehicle tracking With the help of our vehicle tracking system, one can find the postition of any vehicle.

XSSecure for Businesses

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet management can include a range of functions which includes vehicle tracking, driver management and fuel management.

Asset Tracking & Management

Assets may also be tracked globally using devices which combine the GPS system and mobile phone.

Office Security Solutions

XSSecure offers security solutions for offices which contains enployee monitoring solutions as well as CCTV surveillance and attendance or in/out.

Time Attendance Solutions

It provides detail of each in/out employee or person. And also provides time of access authorities .

Access Control Systems

It provides rights to access any information, object or accessories by a person and can be authenticated by biometric or CCTV surveillance solution.

XSSecure for Industry


XSSecure offers tracking for bank security vehicles with various event alarm like start alarm, stopage alarm, over speeed alarm etc.

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School Transport

XSSecure also helpful for educational purpose. your child's safety is our responsibility

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Logistics management helps companies reduce expenses and enhance customer service. XSSecure track the vehicles that used for transport services.

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XSSecure provides the tracking of Taxi/Cabs. With this one can track anyone and anytime.

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Offere & Services

XSSecure offers tracking of vehicles, camera's in vehicle that provides road safety.

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In the worldwide hotel industry, the management too concern about safety and security issues. XSSecure provides safety for the same.

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XSSecure provides the security for the manufacturing like one can track the vehicles that uses for import and export row materials and finished goods.

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Service Station

Service Station is a cost-effective security solution.

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